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Jobs – colonna sonora del biopic su Steve Jobs con protagonista Ashton Kutcher

Il prossimo 17 ottobre approderà nei cinema italiani Jobs, il primo biopic cinematografico dedicato al celeberrimo guru del mondo informatico Steve Jobs e oggi Cineblog vi fa ascoltare la colonna sonora ufficiale del film.

1. Steve’s Theme: Main Title
2. Hey Woz/Dawn Of Computers
3. Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 Allegro – I Barocchisti, Diego Fasolis
4. Leaving Homebrew
5. First Deal
6. Scarborough Fair – Dylan McDonald & Cassidy Cooper
7. We Got A Shop/In the Garage
8. There Were Times – Freddy Monday
9. The Breakup
10. Cold Calls
11. Silver Ghost – Parish Hall
12. The Deal
13. Jobs Fires His Girlfriend/Computer Fair
14. Roll With The Changes (Re:created) – REO Speedwagon
15. Jobs Fires Programmer
16. Going Public
17. Steve’s The Problem/Letter From Lisa
18. Recruiting Team Macintosh
19. Simpler Interface/For Everyman
20. Jobs Gets John Sculley
21. 1984 Commercial
22. The Board Acts/Steve Makes Calls
23. Worst Mistake I Ever Made
24. Father And Son
25. Seven Years Later/Steve Jobs the Gardner
26. Jobs Returns/Tours Apple (feat. Josh Debney)
27. Why Do You Stay?
28. Walk On The Ocean (Jobs Mix) – Toad The Wet Sprocket
29. More Inventory
30. Steve Takes Control/Interim CEO
31. Resignations
32. Golden Parachute
33. Think Different

Altri brani inclusi nella colonna sonora:

Peace Train – Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf islam)
House Of The Rising Sun [Traditional] – The Brymers
Fantasie Impromptu in C-sharp minor, Op. posth. 66 – Frédéric Chopin
Boots Of Spanish Leather – Bob Dylan
Sacrifice – The Brymers
Life’s Been Good – Joe Walsh
Shine On Me – Matthew Cheadle
You Can Do (Whatever) – Cat Stevens (aka Yusuf islam)
Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore featuring Ray Dalton

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